Taking a Look at Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert spent 14 years at the St Therese Production. Louis served as the general manager for the General Motors Company and also the Chief Executive officer at the United Technologies Corporation. Being of Canadian descent, Louis studied production management from the University of Montreal for his bachelor’s degree.

Louis Chenevert worked at the General Motors Company for more than 10 years after which he joined the Whitney and Pratt business unit. Louis worked for the company for six years after which he was appointed the president in the year 1999.Louis served as the president of the company for seven years after which he was appointed as UTC’s president and chief executive officer.

Louis saw many achievements under his stewardship at the company. The president made profits worth 100 billion dollars in a single year of which many executives have yet to attain this goal in their tenure. Louis was successful in acquiring Goodrich at a cost of 18.4 billion dollars. Chenevert invested in both the advanced technology and his people.

The chief executive utilized his experience and position in the company to achieve a lot of things for the company. Louis introduced the Employee scholar program that covers the cost of employees who have shown an interest in pursuing their careers. The program has been of benefit to 40,000 employees in the company.

Louis had the potential of identifying projects that could propel the company to greater heights. The philosophies he used while at UTC were instrumental to even the other companies he moved to. Louis has been a great champion for improvements at the companies he has worked for as reported by the Forbes magazine.

The chief executive’s efforts have led to the growth of the market for the companies. UTC has largely benefited from this initiative. Chenevert was instrumental in the deal where UTC won the right to supply the second alternate engine. The deal had initially been declined by the Rolls-Royce and the Electric General.

Chenevert was appointed the exclusive advisor for Goldman Sachs after resigning from UTC. The responsibility he was to undertake at the company was to steer growth in the aerospace industry that was marginalized at that time.