NGP VAN Success

NGP VAN is a successful company that has been a part of this network for quite some time. This company was founded in 1997, and it is still an active operating company. It was founded by Stu Trevelyan and has since had a mission to be able to help out democratic campaigns by providing technological support. To this day, NGP VAN is the highest and the leading software company that provides digital support for democratic campaigns. They have been able to work with important leaders and candidates such as Obama, Clinton and Sanders as well. With the knowledge and experience that they have been able to acquire over the years, they have been able to help campaigns work faster for more efficient results. NGP VAN is known to be a great company because they offer a variety of help to make everything be able to run smoothly and easier. They offer a platform where the campaign is able to more productively be able to have fundraisers, have a social integrated platform, and also a place where they are able to organize all of their ideas and plans for the future. The staff at NGP VAN all do a great job at making sure that their clients are always satisfied with the work the put in, and this has become one of the many reasons why NGP VAN has been able to grow and maintained a consistent amount of success through out the years. Some of the clients that they have consist of democratic campaigns, committees, labor unions, and a variety of other organizations that all work towards the same goals. NGP VAN has a plan to be able to continue to help out other campaigns and networks become successful. Their hard work and perseverance has allowed them to have a network of clients all through out the world.