Louis Chenevert Lays a Firm Foundation at United Technology Corporation

As a leader, you always advocate for leaving a company a better place than you found it. That ensures your legacy lives during and after you leave or retire from the company. That is precisely what Louis Chenevert did during his tenure at United Technology Corporation (UTC).

Chenevert’s Educational Background
Chenevert, born a French-Canadian, graduated with a bachelor’s degree specializing in Production Management. He attained his degree from the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales (HEC).

Chenevert’s Career History
Chenevert spent 14 years while starting his career as a General Manager at St. Therese Production, General Motors. The Canadian businessman also served as President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, President and CEO of United Technologies, and Exclusive Advisor of Goldman Sachs.

Chenevert was recognized by the many achievements he realized under his leadership in just a year that most leaders do not achieve even in their entire career. He contributed to technology advancement and growth of people in the following ways:

  • Chenevert was passionate about investing in the right technology and right people. Notably, investing in the right technology will make you go far. And investing in the right people will make you go even further.
  • Chenevert does not comprise on quality. He made his concern to utilize his experience and knowledge to bring positive changes to UTC. He sponsored employees’ further education of employees through the Employee Scholar Program.
  • Chenevert also laid focus on identifying profitable projects that can benefit the company and inspire employees to work hard at making the projects a success. Chenevert was keen at spotting lucrative opportunities. He grabbed the offer to manufacture US Air Force’s “second alternate engine” that Rolls-Royce and General Electric declined. That made them the sole suppliers of the F-35 engine in the United States government.

Chenevert resigned from UTC in December 2014 and moved on to become the Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs in the Merchant Banking division.

Leaders pride themselves on creating lasting impressions in their areas of operation. Louis Chenevert laid a firm foundation at UTC, and his legacy continues to shine even after moving to Goldman Sachs. Chenevert whose mission was to leave UTC a better place advocated for providing cutting-edge technology solutions and growth of people. UTC continues to dominate the market through the firm foundation that Chenevert built.