Lessons that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from Mike Baur’s career life

Mike Baur is one of the most exceptional entrepreneurs we have in Switzerland. Mike rose from a humble position of a trainee at UBS to become one of the most respected financial experts in the country. Mike was born in Freiburg, Switzerland. He attended Rochester and Bern universities where he earned his business degrees. Mike launched his career in baking at the age of sixteen at UBS. He worked hard and was soon elevated to the level of an advisor. During his career, Mike has worked with some of the wealthiest investors in Switzerland where he served as a financial advisor.


Mike Baur worked at UBS throughout the 1990s but later on moved to Clariden Leu in search of greener pastures. At Clariden Leu, Mike held a high-ranking position and enjoyed a hefty monthly paycheck that came with other benefits. However, despite the success that Mike achieved in these organizations, he decided to quit his career in 2014 to launch Swiss Startup Factory.


While it is clear that Mike Baur was successful in almost everything he laid his hands on, he is quick to point out that nothing was served on a silver plate. In an article published on Affiliate Dock, Mike is quick to point out that his career in banking wasn’t coincidental. He notes that he ventured into banking because he thought that it was the best place he could get skills on investment and financial management. He points out that the knowledge that he gained from his banking career has been instrumental in helping him start his business venture. Mike Baur’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is that they should choose jobs that will enable them to learn more about the industry they want to venture into.


Mike Baur also points out that he left his banking career because the banking industry wasn’t willing to adapt to the changing environment. When he was starting out, Mike was a team player and was very ready to learn from his colleagues and competitors. Mike Baur developed a sharp commercial acumen that assisted him to develop innovators mind.


Mike Baur is also quick to note that an entrepreneur should be willing to take career risks to win big in the entrepreneurial world. If you consider the case of Mike Baur’s career life, it is evident that entrepreneurship isn’t always a straight line. There are ups and downs in business, and you should be able to grab opportunities when they arise since opportunities rarely knock twice.