Kim Dao’s Favorite 2016 Lip Products

Kim Dao is a famous YouTube vlogger. She makes beauty product vlogs in addition to travel and fashion vlogs. She recently sat down with her friend and fellow vlogger and went over their favorite makeup products in 2016. The list included eyes, face, cheeks and lips. Kim Dao had a great product variety list of lip products for her fans to put to the test themselves. One of Kim’s favorite lip glosses is by BBia, this is a color lip gloss that comes in a frosted looking applicator bottle with a metalic top. This matte finish gloss stains your lips and lasts all day. It comes in a wide color variety and retails for only about $5 a tube. The next product is a lip tint that comes in a applicator bottle that looks exactly like a wine bottle. These adorable lip tints are made by Labiotte. They are available in lipstick and lip tint. When you lick your lips after application your lips will taste like wine. The lipstick comes with a smudger that is hiddin in the top of the lipstick tube. Another favorite is by Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie makes the Matte Liquid Lipstick. This product is available in a wide color variety and enhances the lips natural color. This is a lightweight lip color that is also long wearing and the color variety available will accommodate any skin tone. The entire 2016 favorite cosmetic list that also features foundations, powders, blushes and eye products can be viewed here: