For Greg Aziz, And National Steel Car, Bringing A New Technology And Innovation To This Railcar Company Has Brought Accolades And New Business To Him

As the CEO of the Canadian Rail Car Manufacturer National Steel Car, Greg Aziz is dedicated to producing a best-in-class quality of railcars, boxcars, tank cars (29,000 gallons and 30,500 gallons capacity), gondola cars, coil cars, flat cars, covered hoppers, and more. By embracing advanced technology to manufacture and produce a plethora of different rail cars, Greg Aziz has helped propel his company to a higher standard of excellence. And this includes wiring many industry awards over consecutive years. Aziz and National Steel Car have received a high-quality rating as well as recognition from his peers in the industry as well as key stakeholders.


Founded in Canada in 1912 under the name of Imperial Steel Car, today, National Steel Car is at the top of the list as a top company in North America, which provides railcars to businesses that are involved in railway transportation and commerce. National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario.


Under CEO Greg Aziz’s watchful eye, National Steel Car’s business model was given new life after Aziz purchased the company from the previous owner of Nation Steel Car, Dofasco in 1994. Dofasco had owned National Steel Car since 1962. Because of Gregory James Aziz, his presence and senior leadership gave a boost of new energy to National Steel Car.


Some of the approaches that National Steel Car used included implementing new technology that allowed for more efficient design and manufacturing processes. Greg Aziz also spearheaded the idea of team-building and working in a more organic work environment to spur new ideas and allow his employees to apply new methods and approaches at his company. For National Steel Car and Greg Aziz, its people are its cornerstone.


Since 1994, Greg Aziz’s has spurred an increase in the number of employees to compensate for new engineering and manufacturing initiatives that require employees with advanced skill sets and technical backgrounds. Today, National Steel Car has approximately 3,000 employees, up from the original amount of 500 back when Mr. Aziz first purchased the railcar manufacturing company. Get Additional Information Here.


Before Greg Aziz took the helm at National Steel Car, the Canadian company only focused on working with clients and stakeholders in its own country. Since 1995, National Steel Car has gained many new clients in North America, especially in the U.S. In addition to a stellar work resume, Greg Aziz was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario.