Doe Deere Article Recap

When you think of cosmetic brands, what names tend to come to mind? More than likely, most people will probably mention L’Oréal, Maybelline, Almay, MAC or Covergirl. Have you ever heard of a brand that’s known as Lime Crime? Lime Crime has grown into a fan favorite since its inception back in 2008. This is an exclusive line of makeups that come in a wide array of colors. Not just your standard colors, but more so vividly-bright colors. Founder Doe Deere has revolutionized the cosmetic industry thanks to her extraordinary products and expertise. She’s pretty much “self made.” This means that she has taken her very own talents and have turned them into something successful


Doe Deere has learned a lot throughout her short, successful career. She has learned to put 100 percent of the effort into her business. Half measures only create half results. She has found her passion in life, and she has done everything to maintain its efficiency. Hard work can’t be stated enough and there will definitely by many road blocks along your journey. Deere has had her fair share of road blocks, but she has overcame them all by staying focused. The beginning stages are extremely hard, but giving up is not an answer. Deere has stated that “you have to just stick it out and address any issues that come your way.” This is known as perseverance, and it is one of the most important factors in life. No matter the situation you’re in, analyzing the pros and the cons is a great way to hurdle the issue. A lot of Deere’s success has come from observing and learning from others. Ideas and knowledge can come from many different sources and having a listening ear can provide unseen advantages to your business. Learn more:


Lime Crime is one of the more successful cosmetic lines of today. Founder Doe Deere has taken this brand right to the top thanks to her creativity and know-how. Lime Crime is all bout expressing yourself, and its bright colors have certainly allowed for this to happen.

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