Bumble Bizz – The New Buzz in Town

     Half a decade ago, Whitney Wolfe established Bumble, the world’s first dating app that is exclusively made for women. Late last year, she hit the headlines again, this time inaugurating Bumble Bizz, yet ant female-oriented social networking site. Unlike its older sister, Bumble Bizz is a professional social medium, which operates in a way similar to LinkedIn. The project was scheduled to launch in autumn 2016, but delays in development saw it hit the markets in October 2017. The first countries to enjoy the app include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Similar to Bumble’s older subsidiary, Bumble Friendship Focus (BFF), Bumble Bizz will be integrated into the original dating app. By leveraging the location-tracking capabilities of the user’s smartphone, the app will display pictures of nearby friends who are open to networking. After this, the user will either swipe left or right, depending on whether they want to connect to the displayed profile or not.

Contrary to its sister apps, Bumble Bizz uses a slightly more formal approach. Users have to upload their resume, fill in their skills and attach samples of their previous works. Nonetheless, like its peers, women are still at the center of this application, as they are the only ones eligible to initiate contact. While launching this platform, Whitney cited the rising need for networking as the reason behind the curation of Bumble Bizz. She added that this launch was a significant step towards achieving Bumble’s ultimate goal, which is to be the ideal meeting place for people.

Competing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be the number one professional social medium for networking purposes, but the rapidly rising Bumble Bizz is giving the bigwig a run for its money. Unlike its competitor, whose extreme air of formality can scare away a newbie, Bumble Bizz is built on the foundations of spontaneous connections, which are often more welcoming.

Another aspect that could likely give Bumble Bizz the upper hand over Linked is the utilization of GPs locational services. While LinkedIn returns general and broader job search results, Bumble Bizz identifies the user’s location and uses the geographical data to display the new openings and connections that are within the user’s locale. As a result, users can organize a physical meeting with the professional experts that are within their surroundings, an experience that is more fulfilling compared to exchanging online messages alone.