Betsy DeVos Is No Pushover In Political Fights

Betsy DeVos had a tough confirmation hearing at the US Senate which saw her get only 50 votes for approval. This led to vice president Mike Pence casting a vote to break the deadlock to approve President Trump’s nominee to lead the United States Education Department. If you looked at Mrs. Devos’ confirmation hearing and public statements, you would think that she is a very humble and polite person.


There is a very different side to Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos that people in politics and government know very well. No, she is not bi-polar. Instead, DeVos is known to be a highly effective, skilled and at times ruthless political fighter and operative. She knows how to punish those who oppose her politically and reward those who support her. Elizabeth and her husband, Dick have helped pass sweeping labor and education legislation in Michigan and many other states.


Both she and her husband have helped expand charter school programs and right to work laws in Michigan and in other states for example. DeVos is also a big proponent of school choice. She has even said that she would work to bring greater choice and variety to parents when it comes to their child’s education. Betsy DeVos means what she says. She has openly said so during her Senate confirmation hearing, despite criticism from Democrat and even some Republican senators who voted not to confirm her.


Betsy DeVos is widely seen as being inexperienced and weak in her new post as Secretary of the United States Education Department. DeVos is anything but weak, and she actually has quite a long history in politics. Those who underestimate her are going to be in for a real surprise says Michigan attorney general Mike Cox. She has already shown her political maneuvering by inviting representatives from teacher unions and other education groups for a meeting to discuss the state of education. This proves that DeVos knows who she must deal with. It shows that she understands the political game very well and is focused on implementing her agenda of reforming the education system in the United States.


Mrs. DeVos is also not afraid to stand up to fight for what she believes in. President Trump tried to do away with a law that protected transgender students from using the bathroom they identified with. DeVos voiced her opposition to that bill. She risked incurring the wrath of the President who nominated her. It also puts her in opposition to the United States Attorney General. Even though it was a losing battle, DeVos’ moves showed that she is a political fighter that will stand up to protect children when necessary.


Betsy DeVos has even been spotted with pop star and rapper Pitbull in Miami, Florida. The rapper had started a charter school in the area to help improve educational outcomes for children in his hometown. Betsy DeVos spoke alongside Pitbull to highlight how important and beneficial charter schools are to many communities, especially low-income ones. Even though they may not see eye to eye on many issues, both Betsy DeVos and Pitbull are two people that put the well-being of children first and foremost. It is something that she will continue to due as the Secretary of Education.


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