Betsy DeVos and Her Unassuming Character Under Trump Rule

Earlier this year, when President Donald Trump rescinded a federal policy that allows transgender students to use the school bathrooms according to what represents their gender, current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, went on ahead and warned her own department what was about to be announced.


DeVos’ addition to the Trump administration looks like it’s a cause for a great divide, but if there was a resistance in her part, she gave the public no clue about it, despite reports that she had initially resisted signing off and told the president it made her uncomfortable because of the harm the move cause the gay and transgender community.


A widely known figure in Michigan, DeVos has always been viewed as generous and pragmatic, and Trump, “insulated”, “tone deaf,” and “unprepared.” So when she was handpicked by Trump to be his education secretary, residents of Grand Rapids had a hard time ingesting the situation.


Her support for charter schools, school voucher programs, and school choice had delighted many of her supporters, and angered some, claiming that this was a ploy by conservative groups to sabotage public education. Although the issue is buried in the trenches of Trump’s regular online debauchery, fears were awoken when DeVos took the Education Department seat, that public education will, from now on, receive hostile treatment.


DeVos’ ideological convictions in education wouldn’t be a surprise to some, considering her Michigan hometown has strong cultural ties to the Netherlands, in which charter schools are being pushed. Her opponents have pointed out her family’s lack of public school know-how, as she and her husband both had private education, including their children. What does she know of the problems average families have?


Indeed, DeVos had always been wealthy. Bearing the conservative Prince family name, she was raised as a Christian in Holland, Michigan, and educated in Christian schools until marrying Dick DeVos, who comes from an even wealthier family. The power couple became a prominent fixture in Michigan, contributing mostly to various religious groups, pushed for vouchers and the rest of her agenda.


Former state attorney general and Republican Mike Cox once described DeVos as “steely” and “determined,” traits that make her feared in Michigan politics, apart from being a billionaire, of course. One would think her addition to the Trump administration would be smooth sailing, but DeVos, despite surrounded by Republicans, had quite a rough start.


She was subjected to mockery earlier this year for her unimpressive answers during her Senate confirmation hearings, and unlike Trump who thinks any form of criticism is worth his time, DeVos refused to engage and made a joke out of the whole situation.


Betsy DeVos is noted for her cunning in power politics, but we’re yet to find out how far she’ll go under Trump’s rule.


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