Ambassador Daniel Taub’s visit to ‘Israel Free’ British city

Israeli Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub made a famous visit to the British city of Bradford in the wake of controversial comments by Bradford West MP George Galloway who had declared his constituency as an ‘Israel free zone’. When speaking to the Telegraph the ambassador said he had made the visit following invitation within the city by councilors, community and faith leaders.

Mr. Galloway had declared his constituency free of anything Israeli; tourists, academics, goods, and services. Ambassador Taub found Bradford warm and totally indifferent to the exclusion attitudes espoused by Galloway. He was impressed by how people of different faiths and backgrounds live and work together. Going to the city of Bradford to meet people and talk to community leaders was an act of bravery and diplomacy.

Born in Great Britain in 1962, Daniel Taub was educated at the University of Oxford in London, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and University College in London. He moved to Israel in 1989 where he served in the Israel Defence Forces. He is also a reputable international lawyer and prolific author of various books on Jewish tradition and Hebrew texts. This rich and diverse background is the reason why he has a strong focus on interfaith and cross-cultural activities.

He couldn’t shy away from visiting Bradford despite the controversial anti-Israel comments of Galloway. Ambassador Taub challenged Galloways to join him in trying to build a better country for all the people in the Middle East. Galloway has a long history of bigotry and bias against Israel. He was called racist at one time for storming out of a debate once he realized that the person he was debating with was Israeli. ‘ I don’t debate with Israelis’, he said as he tried to justify his conduct.

He has also been caught on tape trying to push bizarre anti-Israel conspiracies including claims that the Jewish state was arming Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons and that Israel was behind unrest in Ukraine. Other claims exist that he later distanced himself from despite the accounts being recorded. Daniel Taub is a strong believer in dialogue and did not believe that the views of George Galloway is representative of what the city of Bradford means. ‘I don’t believe George Galloway represents the real voice of Bradford’, he announced upon his arrival. There is a long history between the city of Bradford and Israel and he wanted to send a stronger and clear message of that partnership in the face of growing bigotry and distance.